Divorce & Child Custody

All legal matters are potentially stressful. But family law cases are among the most difficult emotionally, as well as legally. At the law firm of Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby in central Florida, we understand that family law matters need to be handled with sensitivity and special care. For many types of family law cases – such as divorce and paternity/timesharing disputes – the key elements can change during the case. For example, in a breach of contract case or a criminal case, the facts at issue are generally frozen in time, and the case involves disputing whether that past situation was right or wrong and to what degree. In a divorce or paternity case, how the parties interact with each other and their children, or even their property, during the case could affect the outcome. For this reason, anyone facing a family law case needs experience counsel, not only to represent their interests based on the past facts but to guide them on what future courses of action could provide the best outcome for their case.

Given the specifics and nuances that accompany family law issues, some often wonder, ‘what exactly does a family law attorney do?’ Well, frankly, there is no ‘exactly’ to this area of practice. Family law attorneys are sometimes warriors for their clients. Sometimes they are therapists. Sometimes they are comedians, simply trying to lighten a difficult situation. Sometimes they are accountants, making sense of the client’s or opposing party’s financial picture. Our firm is able to handle a range of family-oriented cases, including divorce, paternity and timesharing, domestic violence, child support, and many other family problems that may require legal intervention. In terms of cost, we offer competitive family law fees, because we know that our clients don’t need our fees to be an additional stressor during times of crisis.

Initial divorce proceedings (as opposed to modification and enforcement) are some of the most common family law cases. Finding a competent, affordable divorce lawyer can sometimes be daunting. The lawyers at Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby are not only experienced attorneys who strive to achieve the best outcomes for clients, but we will always handle each individual case with delicate consideration and empathy. We understand that these are extremely difficult times and want you to know that you are not alone. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients. Some clients require more assistance with the financial aspects of their cases. Other clients require more guidance on children’s issues. Other clients have to address issues of violence and intimidation. Whatever your need, we will provide the appropriate counsel and representation.Sometimes cases come to us that need resolution between unwed former partners. In respect to paternity cases, generally speaking, unwed couples who split up face fewer complications than those who need to go through the process of divorce, dividing assets and liabilities. However, when a couple cannot find common ground in terms of children, the couples who were never married may fight even harder than those couples who were married. Imagine that if the only thing you are taking away from a relationship is a child, then you want the very best result possible with respect to that child. While an amicable settlement should always be the first goal when children are involved, when that settlement isn’t possible, it is imperative that you’re represented by an attorney who understands how to conduct a trial in respect to timesharing and other issues. The attorneys at Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby are not afraid of the courtroom. If your case requires a trial, then we will be your advocates before the judge, to try to get you the best result possible.

We also commonly handle cases of domestic violence between married and unmarried couples. Individual and personal details are pertinent in these types of cases. With appropriate care and discretion, we can walk you through the options you may have for the troubles you have faced due to do the complicated and emotional issues of domestic violence. These issues often need the utmost finesse and sensitivity, to attempt to ensure that our clients get solutions without adding to existing problems. As with many laws, domestic violence laws can differ from state-to-state. For example, many people with roots out of state come to us asking about a “temporary restraining order,” which is not a term used in Florida cases. Some people hope to get an injunction against another person, but they don’t understand what is required under the law. Domestic violence is a serious matter, involving potential life and death situations and, if you are the accused, potential criminal penalties and jail. Sound legal help can help you maneuver through what can be a tricky and painful process under any circumstances.

Post-judgment enforcement and modification is also a large part of our family law practice. You may have made a settlement that is fair, but your ex isn’t keeping up his or her end of the agreement. Enforcement and contempt actions are sometimes needed in order to ensure compliance. Other times, circumstances have changed such that the settlement or the judge’s ruling is no longer appropriate. In those cases, a modification may be in order. Many firms will not take on such matters, because they generally can’t charge as much as they would for an initial divorce. At Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, we understand that the key to handling such matters is experience and efficiency. As attorneys who have done these types of cases many times, we typically can handle them very cost-effectively.

Before hiring an attorney for a family law matter, you should try to have at least a couple of consultations. Ask whether the attorney uses a written fee agreement. Ask if they can estimate the fees for your type of case. Ask if they will discuss a fee cap for certain phases of the case. Ask if they are comfortable taking the case to trial. A family law case shouldn’t just be a way for a lawyer to make money. It should be a cooperative relationship, where the attorney and client work together, within the client’s financial capabilities, and you should feel free to ask those types of questions during a consultation. At Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, we strive to operate as professionals in this way, establishing an attorney-client relationship that works for both parties.

If you believe you need a family law attorney, please contact us today–we are ready to answer your questions and find results that fit your needs.

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