Business Law falls into two main categories.  The first is providing guidance and preparing documents for businesses.  Attorneys who provide these services are sometimes referred to as business transaction attorneys.  The services these attorneys provide include business creation (preparing and filing documents to create corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and other business entities), and preparation of documents and agreements relating to these businesses (employment contracts, non-compete agreements, vendor contracts, leases, etc.).

The second category is business or commercial litigation.  This involves pursuing or defending against lawsuits for such things as breach of contract, violation of lease agreements, unfair trade and competition, and similar matters.

A business law attorney should take the time to understand you and your business concern.  Sometimes the legal fees in a lawsuit can be more than the claim involved.  The underlying agreement may provide that the prevailing party is entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs.  The stress of the litigation may take away from your ability to conduct your business, and it, therefore, may have hidden costs.   An experienced an attorney can help you decide when litigation is worth these costs, and when it is necessary, help you to an optimum result.

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