About The Gear Law Firm

Gagnon Eisele and Rigby is a client-focused and results-driven law firm located in Winter Park and Orlando, Florida. GEAR LAW is more than just a business name. It reflects how we conduct our firm and handle our cases. We work, and we work together, like a machine. Many attorneys try to create the appearance of a law firm. But they really are individual attorneys splitting overhead. They don’t help each other, and as a result, they don’t pool their abilities to achieve the best results for our clients. We are a true law firm, with our attorneys regularly meeting, collaborating, and assisting each other in solving the problems relating to our clients’ cases.

Our law firm’s success has come from truly caring about and understanding the client’s needs in the context of the specific legal issues that the client is facing. At Gagnon Eisele and Rigby, we understand that most clients want a swift resolution to their case without the need for tremendous financial expenditures. That’s why we focus on problem-solving and brainstorming toward an early resolution of the situations that our clients face.

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or through the fault of another person, whether you have a dispute with a business entity, or whether you’re facing the strains of a family law issue or criminal matter, Gagnon Eisele and Rigby is here to assist.

Under the broad umbrella of expertise and within a general law firm’s body of knowledge exists several main categories of law. These main categories each expand into a subset of many different types of cases that cover a very wide array of circumstances. When a client comes to us at Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby, PLLC, we are able to place him or her with a lawyer who specializes in the appropriate category of law or even specifically in the individual type of case for that client’s needs. Cases are not always clear-cut and some come to us unsure of their legal needs and options, but we are here to give expert guidance from step one.

Below we will list the types of attorneys who practice within these broad categories of law and a bit of overview of the kinds of cases that can fall within these different divisions.

Family Law Attorneys

Family law covers cases within families that arise when issues cannot be solved without third-party legal intervention. Generally speaking, these types of cases can involve couples (both married and unmarried), children and sometimes extended members of a family. As with any broad category of law, family law covers a lot of different areas concerning individual families but divorce, custody, and instances of child abuse are the most common types of cases seen by courts. The main goal here for your attorney and the court is to find solutions to familial conflicts that work in the best interests of all parties involved.

Criminal Law Attorneys

Criminal law encompasses a staggering amount of different types of cases but the bottom line for a criminal law attorney is to defend a client who is faced with criminal charges of any kind. Criminal charges can range from small offenses like speeding tickets to very major offenses such as murder or rape. Depending on the details and circumstances, most criminal cases require a tremendously close look at the details, evidence, circumstances and motivations within each specific case. This type of legal defense especially requires a wealth of experience and well-honed expertise due to all the subtleties and nuances surrounding each case as well as the consequences of losing such a case. Our law firm has an extremely experienced family of criminal attorneys with the necessary skills for maneuvering our clients through these highly complex hearings.

Personal Injury Attorneys

A personal injury attorney is one that deals with any case where wrongdoing is suspected by a person, company or agency that has resulted in the injury or death of an individual. Cases such as these are common workplace injuries or accidents that can occur anywhere. When there is reason to believe that negligence may have played a role in an injury or death, a personal injury lawyer can work for you to find the evidence needed to prove wrongdoing and ensure that you or someone you love is compensated for expensive medical bills and/or personal pain and strife resulting from the occurrence.

Business Litigation and Business Law Attorneys

Business law involves the laws that govern the rights and guidelines of a person or business that is involved in commerce, trade or sales. This category of law can span both private and public sectors of the legal world. Cases concerning the business law or litigation may include (but are by no means limited to) items such as business contracts, hiring rights and procedures, trademarking and transactions of purchased goods or services.

Bar Hearings Attorneys/Florida Bar Admissions

Attorneys who handle cases involving bar hearings or admissions can help those who face difficulties concerning state bar admissions or when an established lawyer has fallen under the examination of the state bar. Bar hearings can be required for different reasons and our law firm includes attorneys with thorough and proficient knowledge of the Florida state bar, its admission process and potential obstacles facing current lawyers and those attempting to secure admission to the bar.

Administrative Hearings Attorneys/Professional License Defense

Our administrative hearing attorneys specialize in cases which arise involving any individual who faces an issue concerning professional licensing. There are a variety of professions that require the acquisition and adherence to the guidelines of a professional license to practice the given profession. These jobs can range from barbers to construction contractors and so forth. Individuals wishing to obtain and keep these licenses are subject to guidelines and regulations. When instances of potential misconduct are reported, our professional clients can rely on our subset of lawyers who specialize in this type of license defense.